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March 1, 2007

baby booties and such

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I’ve been wanting to sew some booties like the ones Katie and Jeannette have made.  I’ve never made any before and wasn’t quite sure how to do it.  So the other weekend I called up Jeannette for some help.  She happened to be shopping in a fabric store at the time so we didn’t talk long.  But with her help, I ended up lining them, and I’m glad that I did.  I love them!  I hope little Naya will enjoy them!  And now that I know how to make them, maybe I’ll try to make a few more pairs.  Just need to get the time to do that. (by the way, I based these booties off of Heather Bailey’s pattern, tho her’s aren’t lined)

dsc02408.jpg  dsc02407.jpg

One of our Ikea finds has been hung in our kitchen.  I like pictures of food and of course, you can’t beat cheap art at Ikea prices.  Not that its great art or even great photography, but I like it anyway! 

dsc02399.jpg  dsc02396.jpg

The kids have been enjoying books these days.  Always bringing me tons and tons of books.  Its pretty darn cute watching Alice walk on her knees books in hand.  She’s not yet walking and turned 15 months today.  We’ll see when she decides its time.  Oh she can do it, she just doesn’t want to!  And she’s getting darn good at her knee walking too.  Alice continues to be a huge mess when she eats and plays.  She’s totally challenging my aversion to food mess and dirt.  (Caleb never did challenge me that way, he hates being messy!)  Also you can see that Alice, Caleb and his giraffe all had a great mardi gras! (look close enough and you can see that Alice’s purple beads are actually beer mugs!  Hilarious!)

dsc02406.jpg  dsc02330.jpg  dsc02362.jpg  dsc02385.jpg  dsc02372.jpg  dsc02369.jpg   

“Enaw” came over tonight, that’s Ethan in Caleb language. (he’s Josie’s (who used to live with us) boyfriend)  It was so great to see him again and get caught up and of course have him play with the kids.  They absolutely love him and he them.  Caleb especially is such a quiet kid.  There aren’t very many people that he will open up to and be super silly with besides me and Bob.  Acutally Ethan might be the only non-family member that Caleb can be completely himself with.  So that’s pretty special.  I’m kicking myself that I forgot to take any pictures tonight.  I’m hoping to take the kids up the mountain someday soon with a packed lunch.  We could eat on the lawn with Ethan and he said he’d run in and get icecream for the kids.  I know they’d love that.  He doesn’t have a car so getting down the mountain is hard.  So we’ll have to get up there. 

Anyway, I’ve not posted in a while, but still I’m thinking of taking a break for a while, see you in a month or so. 


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