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April 12, 2007

little encouraging goldfinch

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We love bird watching in our house and have three feeders right outside our family room window. (look closely and you can see a goldfinch at each of those feeders in the picture)  This little goldfinch seems a little confused, or maybe he’s just trying to encourage his hummingbird friends to come take a sip.  Either way he got a sweet drink out of the deal and cracked me up.  Can’t wait till we can attract the hummingbirds, I know the kids will love them!

dsc02847.jpg   dsc02848.jpg

dsc02826.jpg   dsc02829.jpg

(these last two pics are from the other day when at any given time it seems I could count 8-9 goldfinch either on the feeder or in the tree waiting for their turn)


April 10, 2007

Alice’s curtains

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I’ve been working on Alice’s curtains off and on for the past month!  I don’t think I’ll ever get them done.   I really enjoy working on crafty/creative stuff so I’ve been pretty frustrated with the amount of curtains I need to make for this house.  I shouldn’t have a bad attitude, but for the most part I hate hate sewing curtains.  Its just hard working with big pieces of cloth and super boring sewing long straight lines. 

Anyway, so I decided that I’d buy Alice’s curtains.  The end result?  I bought cheap plain ones and am embellishing them.  I looked around and couldn’t find ones I liked for less than at least $125 (and those were sheer so they’d let the light in) to do her room. (she has four windows)  And there is NO way I’m going to spend that kind of money on a little girl’s curtains.  (or any curtains for that matter).  Anyway, I bought these curtains from Walmart, except I bought purple ones.  And I bought tie backs that are something like these.  So the tie backs inspired me to want to put butterflies on the curtains.  After trying out different ideas I found some camo butterfly fabric that I’m using, at least that’s what I call it.  I think the fabric is actually pretty darn ugly, but when you cut out the individual butterflies they look cute.  I had to cut out 15 butterflies per panel (60 total) and then cut out stitch witchery for each one.  Then I ironed them on and I’m going to sew around each one to make sure they don’t go anywhere.  I’ve got two more panels to sew and then I’m done.  Oh yeah and I bought some cute ribbon to put on the bottom too.  So here’s some pictures.  I also bought some bright green tab top curtains from lowes for 5 bucks a panel!  I’m using those as the liner for behind the purple ones to darken the room more.  I cut off the tabs and just sewed the tops together.  Of course now I’ve gotta hem the green ones because they are longer.  I only have pictures of the butterflies sort of cut out and the ugly fabric.  I mean who would use fabric like that??  Its scary!  More pictures to come when I get Alice’s curtains done.

 dsc02494.jpg dsc02492.jpg

Ok since I’m talking about ugly fabric. When I found the butterflies, Caleb was with me and he spotted thomas and veggie tale fabric.  He kept talking about it and I thought what the heck, I’ll make him a pillow.  I mean this is the fabric that is printed specifically so you can make your kid a cheesy pillow.  I didn’t think I’d ever buy one of the those.  I still can’t believe I made this for him because I don’t find it asthetically pleasing in the least.  But he LOVES it.  (it stays in his room too!)  The things you’ll do for your kids!


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