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June 25, 2007

Friends + cards + envelopes = fun!

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This summer our church’s mom’s group is doing more informal hang out times together instead of our usual times of meeting at the church (our church is undergoing renovations hence our need to meet offsite).  So this past week we met at my house and we made cards and envelopes.  My college roomate, Erin B., taught me how to make envelopes many years ago.  You can use a ready made envelope as a template and trace it on a magazine picture, wrapping paper, or any other cool paper you might have.  Then cut it out and glue edges where needed.  If you get into it you can use clear contact paper to cover  your template just so it lasts longer.  These envelopes are a fun way to send a special homemade card and use up those piles of magazines you have laying around the house. 

The cards I’ve made over the years have been very different, but the ones I made this past wednesday were just simple pictures cut out of a magazine and glued onto cardstock.  I’ve been wanting to make baby shower type cards, so a lot of these are along those lines.  I didn’t get a chance to make any envelopes this time.  But it is a lot of fun to do.  I have a nice paper cutter, and that makes putting these cards together fun, instead of all the cutting driving me crazy.  I like lines to be straight, and you can do that very easily with a paper cutter.  It looks more neat and clean that way.  It was great to have everyone over and get to do something crafty together.  It was also fun to see what others made.  I loved what Alli did with torn paper and got some fun ideas from others.  That’s what’s nice about doing crafts with others, you get good ideas while getting to hang out. (though looking back I think I would’ve changed my date to have everyone over until after all of Bob’s crazy overtime hours.  Stress around here has been mounting to overflowing.)



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