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August 27, 2007

New Book Club Blog

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To add to my creative blogginess, I’ve started a blog for our book club here.   Check it out.  Let me know what you think.


August 21, 2007

The Perfect Calendar

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I’m pretty picky about my kitchen calendar.  Mostly I hate how big they are.  For a long time I had one on the side of my fridge at our old house.  It was one with a big picture of some scenery at the top and then the calendar part at the bottom.  Since being in this house we’ve just had some health calendar someone sent us in the mail, with the big picture top folded down so all we see is the calendar part.  I like that because of the size, but not so keen on their health tips and including holidays and special days that I don’t really care about.

 So I made my own calendar!  I’m so pumped about it.  Its the little things that keep me going.  I entered all of the holidays that I wanted and included my extended family birthdays.  Then I picked a bunch of pictures based on who has a birthday for that month.  Plus I’m making my calendar be from August 2007 to June 2008.  That way I have lots of fun summer pictures to put in it and I don’t have to worry about making another one till next summer.  I also made it all one sheet, so its not in my way too much. 

I used publisher to make it.  It has a ton of different calendar templates to choose from, so I just picked one of them.  I love publisher.  I used it a ton when I worked at Esperanza and still use it a lot.  It makes it super easy to resize pictures, put text and images exactly where you want them etc.  Its a pretty cool tool for my purposes.  I’m pretty proud of my calendar and look forward to seeing all of those family pictures in the coming year.  So you’ll have to ask to see it the next time you stop in at my house!


Here’s a picture of my cuties playing house under cushions propped up on the couch and end table.  They are way into playing with the couch cushions these days.  Right now they are both screaming so I better stop writing and attend to them!


August 19, 2007

Artsy Caleb

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If there was a theme in the gifts Caleb received for his birthday, it was definitely art supplies.  I love it, and so does he!  He’s always been way into, almost serious about, coloring with crayons and markers.  He’s received one of those “painting” books where you paint with water and loved that.  He got play-doh for his birthday and has played with it at least once a day since then.  I always had this fear of play-doh, that it was going to be too much of a mess and a pain to deal with.  What the heck was I thinking?  Caleb absolutely loves it and will spend a long time at the table just playing away.  He’ll even do that instead of watching Sesame Street while I get a shower. 

 He got some gel paints and also some finger paints with sponges for his birthday from Mason and Molly.  I think I have the same fear of paints as I did of play-doh, but it seems a little more justified.  But of course have we got them out yet?  Nope not yet.  This morning he asked to paint and I quick thought of a way he could “paint” without all the mess of actual paints.  (we’ll do actual paints soon, I promise!) 

He had some pictures colored with washable markers and so I gave him those to paint on.  He just used water on them like the water paint books and watched all of the colors swirl together.  What great fun!  The regular paper did rip some, but then we got out some poster board (bday present) and let him color on that and then “paint”.  I think he satisfied his painting fix for now, and allowed a little less mess this Sunday morning.  I know I need to let go of my anti-mess ways and let the kid be a kid.  Especially since he seems to be so into art. 

I know I’m his mom, and so I’m supposed to think this, but I really do love the color combinations he uses when he colors.  There’ve been so many pictures he’s done that I just love.  I should frame those and hang them up.  But he often feels like they are his and he doesn’t want me to mess with them. 

Here are some pictures of my little budding artist.  Could I be more proud?  Nope I don’t think so! 


dsc04117.jpg  dsc04112.jpg 

These two pictures were ones I had on the fridge.  The first one is “people on a bus”.  

dsc04119.jpg  dsc04118.jpg 

August 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to Caleb

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My little boy turned three on saturday.  We had such fun times with family and friends.  We had a little guitar themed party fashioned after the little ukele we gave him for his birthday.  We had pin-the-pick-on-the-guitar.  The kids make their own box-guitars, which they played while everyone sang happy birthday to Caleb.  And I made him a guitar cake. 

Man was it fun to decorate this cake!  Marylu gave me a lot of pointers and help.  She even met me at the store to help me get the bare minimum of decorating supplies. I’m totally going to get more into cake decorating.  Its so much fun.  The store where I found the cake pan has classes for 25 bucks and that covers meeting once a week for 4 weeks.  I’m wondering if any friends might want to do this with me this fall?  Any takers?  I think it could be a lot of fun. 

There wasn’t too much that made this cake complicated.  I did learn that to do black icing you should start with chocolate, NOT white.  I added a ton of coloring paste to get that black!  Also, I think I’d like to get an actual mixer before the next time I decorate a cake.  It was a little hard on my body using the hand mixer, balancing bowl, mixer and spatula, well I wasn’t always graceful.  I’ll either borrow a mixer or maybe ask for one for Christmas.  I also need to get some spatulas, mine are all melted and funky.  Making the cake part was EASY (I used a box!), given the pan I bought.  Making the icing was the more labor intensive part.  I think I could have cut out that guitar shape myself and not bought the pan.  But I was nervous about taking on the decorating and shaping of the cake all at once.  I’m already dreaming up some ideas for the next cake to decorate.  Maybe Alice will get a kitty or a bunny, those are the two animals she’s most excited about.   And maybe Bob will get a mandolin?  We’ll see.

Enjoy the pictures.  For some reason I can’t get them to be the size or layout I want them to be, so take it as it is! 

 dsc04011.jpg  dsc01306.jpg 

 dsc04027.jpg  dsc03996.jpg 

dsc03998.jpg dsc04001.jpg dsc04008.jpg

    dsc01327.jpg  dsc04050.jpg 

dsc04067.jpg dsc04017.jpg dsc04038.jpg

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