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August 21, 2007

The Perfect Calendar

Filed under: being crafty — by michellew @ 1:11 pm

I’m pretty picky about my kitchen calendar.  Mostly I hate how big they are.  For a long time I had one on the side of my fridge at our old house.  It was one with a big picture of some scenery at the top and then the calendar part at the bottom.  Since being in this house we’ve just had some health calendar someone sent us in the mail, with the big picture top folded down so all we see is the calendar part.  I like that because of the size, but not so keen on their health tips and including holidays and special days that I don’t really care about.

 So I made my own calendar!  I’m so pumped about it.  Its the little things that keep me going.  I entered all of the holidays that I wanted and included my extended family birthdays.  Then I picked a bunch of pictures based on who has a birthday for that month.  Plus I’m making my calendar be from August 2007 to June 2008.  That way I have lots of fun summer pictures to put in it and I don’t have to worry about making another one till next summer.  I also made it all one sheet, so its not in my way too much. 

I used publisher to make it.  It has a ton of different calendar templates to choose from, so I just picked one of them.  I love publisher.  I used it a ton when I worked at Esperanza and still use it a lot.  It makes it super easy to resize pictures, put text and images exactly where you want them etc.  Its a pretty cool tool for my purposes.  I’m pretty proud of my calendar and look forward to seeing all of those family pictures in the coming year.  So you’ll have to ask to see it the next time you stop in at my house!


Here’s a picture of my cuties playing house under cushions propped up on the couch and end table.  They are way into playing with the couch cushions these days.  Right now they are both screaming so I better stop writing and attend to them!


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