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October 7, 2008

A good morning for Prudence

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Ever since we got Prudence with her own little potty and her once upon a potty book and her potty seat, I was hopeful that she’d help in potty training Alice.  It turns out she’s been great!  I’ve not actually used the potty chair as we skipped that and went straight to the big potty for Alice.  But we’ve used Prudence a lot.  Alice loves to hold long conversations with her while she tries on the potty.  I talk for Prudence and Alice tells her what a big girl she is.  Prudence of course enjoys trying on her own little potty too.  Well Prudence came with panties on, but we can never seem to find those little things and it crosssed my mind that she’s really needing to be a little more modest.  So Prudence now has a little skirt of her own.  I gave Alice the choice of 3 different fabrics to make the skirt and she chose this cute flanel (it also happened to be the one I liked the best).  We had fun doing it together (well mostly Alice watched, but someday I’ll teach her to sew) and Alice is thrilled that Prudence has her very own skirt.  I now really want to make a skirt out of this fabric for Alice.  I think it would be SO cute.  Enjoy the pictures.

Poor Prudence needs some clothes!             Alice and Prudence wait patiently.

             Prudence checks in on the progress and thinks she likes it.

                Alice lets us know what Prudence thinks in this little video.

Prudence is all set in her new skirt.  She loves it!  Alice loves it too.

         Prudence is so relieved to have her own cute little skirt.  

I’ve been working hard on Christmas presents for family these days.  So maybe that skirt for Alice will have to wait.  I also have hopes of making two things for the kids for Christmas and hopefully something for the new baby too!  So even though its just the beginning of October, I don’t have much time to crank out all of this out before the baby gets here.  Because I will NOT be sewing after this baby, at least for a while.  So I only have 2 more months!  Wish I could show pictures of the progress on Christmas presents, but you’ll just have to wait until after Christmas for those.


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  1. How adorable!! Alice looks very pleased with all your efforts!! Can’t wait to see the Christmas presents.

    Comment by Mom Thomas — October 7, 2008 @ 11:15 am |Reply

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