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December 7, 2008

Handmade Baby Gifts

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On thanksgiving day I received my first gift for this new baby from my good friend Sara.  She handknit this baby blanket, its simply beautiful.  I love making gifts for people and realize how much I love receiving handmade gifts too!  I know the love, thoughtfulness and time that goes into making them.  Thanks Sara! 


I received my second gift for this new baby the Saturday after thanksgiving.  This one has a bit of a story to tell.  Another good friend, Amber, makes the coolest artwork and when I went to the clothesline this fall I knew that I’d love to have something of hers someday.  Bob knew that and ran with it.  He asked Amber to make me something as a surprise gift for a “congrats you did labor and now have this beautiful baby” present.  Amber asked me what the colors were in our new guest/baby room and I didn’t think twice.  I had no idea she was making something for me.  The Saturday of Holiday in St Elmo (Nov. 29th) it was cold and rainy and I was (and still am) hugely pregnant, but that didn’t stop us.  I wanted to go because I knew Amber would be there and I wanted to find something of hers that I liked.  So we went, and out of all the pieces she had I liked this one below the best.  I told Amber I really liked it and wanted to talk with Bob about it and then went over to talk with a friend.  She asked Bob what she should do because that was the piece that was supposed to be my labor surprise.  He ended up telling me and was a bit bummed that I’d ruined the surprise but was happy that I liked it.  What an awesome husband and friend I have: that Bob would think to do this for me and that Amber would know me well enough to make something that I love so much and happened to pick out of all of her work.  So now its an EARLY, congrats you will do labor and I’m so proud of you gift.  Its on the wall above the baby’s crib and I love it.

Artwork from Amber



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