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August 10, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Caleb!

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Caleb is 4 tomorrow so we celebrated this past weekend.  We had a great time and I had so much fun making his cake!  The kids enjoyed the process too, as you can see below.  I made a small sheet cake in a lasagna pan and borrowed a friends ball cake pan and made half of a ball to go on top.  I found the baseball players at Michaels, they were a specific request from the birthday boy.  I had the hardest time getting the red icing to go red, it was pink for a VERY long time, much to Alice’s delight.  But I finally figured out you just have add a ton of the paste.  I made the icing ahead of time this year and I’m so glad that I did.  I used the wilton colors in a gel paste and they tend to get darker in the fridge overnight.  So that worked out well.  Also the darker green around the bottom was a happy accident as it ended up matching the green in the baseball players.  I found those baseball candles at a party store, will have to check out that store again in the future.  I’m sure Bob will post more birthday weekend adventures on flickr soon.  Oh and the elephant below was really pining away for a piece of birthday cake but alas he got none!  Caleb received him as a gift at his party and has been inseperable from him ever since!  Caleb set him up to eat like this while we ate dinner last night.  We gave him the orange goggles, which he loves and looks hilarious in!






May 5, 2008

Daddy makes a branch house and Mama furnishes it

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Here in toddlerville things are very exciting because daddy trimmed our huge pine tree and made a branch house for the kids.  I then simply could not resist proceeding to make a bed for all of the bunnies who will live and play in the house.  I got my bunny bed idea here



December 15, 2007

Jingle Bells

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   dsc04897.jpg      dsc05305.jpg      dsc04916.jpg

While hanging the stockings this year the kids got way into playing with the bells at the bottom.  Not wanting to be a jingle bell party pooper, but also wanting to keep our hand knit (by my friend’s mom) stockings nice, I made the kids their own jingle bell necklaces.  I used some bells and buttons I had on hand and made a festive little necklace.  It was so nice listening to little feet patter through the house along with the slightly ringing jingle jingle.  We’ve not been able to find Caleb’s since that day and just yesterday Alice’s broke while we were at the doctor’s office.  Guess I need something stronger than thin ribbon to keep them together.  (any suggestions Katie?)  They’ve been a fun thing to wear and play the last several weeks. 

December 13, 2007

The kids get Christmas crafty

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dsc05226.jpg  dsc05235.jpg

dsc05236.jpg  dsc05240.jpg

dsc05238.jpg   dsc05244.jpg   dsc05258.jpg

dsc05265.jpg  dsc05267.jpg  dsc05293.jpg

        dsc05282.jpg      dsc05300.jpg

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