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October 30, 2007

Fall fun

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I just love this time of year when I can pull out my jeans and stop shaving as much.  Admit it, you enjoy the lack of shaving part too!  But of course, I love the pumpkins and leaves and fall parties.  So much fun. 

We had Sara and Liam over to paint pumpkins last week.  Went to the church fall party this past weekend and also had Bob’s parents here for the weekend.  My sweet kids are the cutest M&Ms this fall too!  (thanks Em for letting me use the costumes!)  Needless to say, we’ve been taking lots of pictures.  Also check out these first pictures.  The outfit Alice is wearing was given to me by my grandma when I was little, how cool is it that Alice can wear it now!  And of course, its totally 70s and totally back in style, complete with flare pants!  The kids are really enjoying our new pup Roxie, as you can see.  Check out Bob’s blog, for the absolute cutest picture from all I took of Alice. 

dsc04538.jpg  dsc04540.jpg  dsc04550.jpg 

dsc04482.jpg  paintingpumpkins.jpg  dsc04603.jpg

 I have many crafty ideas floating and one project started.  But as they are gifts, you can’t get a sneak peak until they’ve been gifted.  So you’ll just have to wait until after Christmas to see what I’ve been working on. 

Oh but I did give an early present to Roxie.  She’s been too cold outside so I couldn’t resist the yarn on sale at A. C. Moore to make her a little sweater.  I actually made two.  The first one I made with a double strand knitted all the way through.  Well that turned out more like a puppy straight jacket than a sweater.  She couldn’t even walk in it, and kept falling over.  As hilarious as this was (I was literally in tears laughing so hard at her) I came to realize that I needed to knit her another one with a single strand.  So, as you can see, Alice’s baby doll gained a sweater dress out of the deal.  Though we think it makes her look more like a baby cave girl than a baby in a cute sweater dress.  Either way, the baby seems shocked and amazed at such a great sweater!

After all of that Roxie still seems to not like her sweater.  I put it on her this morning and she was fiercely growling and biting me.  I think she resents being a froofy pup in a froofy sweater.  And she refused to pose nicely in it too.  Oh well!   

babydollsweater.jpg  dogkiss.jpg  dsc04659.jpg


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