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August 4, 2008

Grandma Alice’s Quilt

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   This quilt was a gift made for my grandma Alice by a dear friend of hers.  I think it might have been a wedding gift.  It used to lay on this same bed because I also received their guest room bedroom set.  I’m so thankful to have such a cherished possession of Alice’s.  One day I hope to pass this on to my Alice.  Now to get these guest room walls painted an actually make some real curtains!


April 12, 2008

Hannah’s Baby Presents

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My niece Hannah had a baby shower at Bob’s parent’s church this past weekend in North Carolina.  My sister-in-law (Hannah’s mom) absolutely loves bunnies.  So I made Hannah a bunny quilt!  It was a lot of fun and wow those bunnies took a lot of time.  But they were worth it.  Though I might try to avoid too much applique in my future quilts!





Alice was sick the end of last week so we actually had to stay home and miss the baby shower.  I was pretty bummed.  But I was also feeling really tired out, so it was nice to have a quiet weekend at home.  Alice slept a ton, even more than usual, so I watched movies and just chilled.  It was great!

I also made Hannah some jingle bell blocks and a bib.  For the blocks I used a foam cushion and cut them to size (an electric meat slicer works great).  I cut a hole in the center to put a jingle bell inside.  They are so cute and I love the slight little ringing.  Can’t wait to see Hannah chomping on them and shaking them with delight!  I really like how they turned out.  The bib I made from following the pattern in this book.  It ended up little on the big side.  I guessed at the pattern a bit.  Still cute though. 

March 11, 2008

Binding Clips

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When sewing on the binding to a quilt there are several ways of doing it.  Mind you, I’m just learning about these ways, so I usually follow the directions found in my two favorite quilting books: Denyse Schmidt Quilts by Denyse Schmidt  and Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson.  These books have helped me tons during my recent binge of sewing baby quilts.  They both actually give the same instructions for attaching the binding, but the pictures that go along with Denyse Schmidt’s instructions are what have helped me the most.  Here’s similar instructions to the ones I follow in my books.  

Anyway, the binding went a lot faster and was a lot less painful this time because of these.  I actually got mine at this local quilt shop, but I bet you can find them in any sewing/quilting store.  Joelle Hoverson suggests getting these in her book so I took her up on her suggestion.  I’m so glad I did!  I know they look like hair barrettes, and in fact, I suppose they are.  But using binding clips saved my fingers from the tons of tiny pricks I’ve received in the past when sewing on the binding.  Annie’s quilt was the first binding I used them on and I’m never going back to straight pins!  I think I’ll be using these little guys a lot in the years to come.   

 dsc06549.jpg  dsc06550.jpg  dsc06553.jpg

March 9, 2008

Annie’s Quilt

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anniequiltfrontfull.jpg  anniequiltback.jpg  

You could say I’ve been a quilt machine lately.  But with all of these wonderful friends having babies what else could I do but make cute quilts for them!?  So here’s my sweet friend Annie’s quilt.  I used all baby flannel with white cotten batting.  The quilt measures about 40 inches square.  I based it on this quilt.  I just went by the general instructions on her site, but forgot to account for seam allowances.  Big oops.  It ended up working out after doing some ripping out and resewing.  Its amazing how much I learn with each new quilt I make.  Fun, fun.  I really like having the pieced back.  It gives a little surprise that you don’t expect! 

February 19, 2008


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So I was just on my way to bed, trying for an early night and decided to check out some crafty blogs.  Well, 50 minutes later… I’m so completely surprised and excited and will never get to sleep tonight for all of the quilting ideas floating through my head.  I ran across Sew, Mama, Sew and their quilting theme for this month

I’ve totally been getting into quilting recently and I just love how they pull together many online, blogging, modern quilters.  This is just the resources that I need right now.  I wish I could give them a huge hug.  I have a couple of books, and love them.  But this month of quilting, ah I’m ecstatic!  This is great.  Sometimes these days I feel like I have so many creative ideas just bubbling under the surface waiting to explode into reality.  I have more sewing aspirations than time that’s for sure.  But I’m so thankful for this resource.  I love Sew, Mama, Sew, its the best. Gush, gush. 

February 11, 2008

Baby Brown’s Quilt

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Our good friends adopted their precious baby boy in December and we had a baby shower for them yesterday.  I had fun making this one, and it went really fast too, which is always nice.  This brown squirrel fabric is a super soft baby flannel I found at JoAnns.  There’s just something about those little squirrels, so cute.  This blanket is not quilted but tied instead; though, not with actual ties, since its for a baby.  I just used a machine stitch on each corner.  I forgot to measure, but its around 40 inches square.  I also used the cheat method in doing the binding.  I cut the backing fabric (squirrel fabric) big enough so that I could double fold it around to the front and then machine stitch the binding in place.  Wow that went so much faster than any other binding I’ve done before.  Its simple piecing and simple quilting for a simply beautiful little boy.  We’re so thankful for Brown!


                 dsc06009.jpg  dsc06010.jpg

February 6, 2008

Sara’s Quilt

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                 dsc05998.jpg  dsc06001.jpg

My good friend Sara just had a baby boy and I made this quilt for him.  I made it out of baby flannel so its super soft.  The quilt is a little less than 40 inches square.  The fabric has little owls on it, some with mama and baby owls together.  I love it!  I found the fabric at JoAnn Fabrics in Lexington, KY over Christmas.  Oh how I wish we had a JoAnn’s close by here.  The selection is amazing compared to Hancocks. 

I wanted to try some more complicated pieceing for this quilt and I had fun doing it.  I cut out tons of little triangles, and learned a lot about piecing them together.  I used this free pattern to make it, I definitely needed to follow a pattern for a design that was this complicated.  I used Joelle Hoverson’s book and Denise Schmidt’s book a ton for tips and help in the quilting process.  I’m so glad I got these books.  I know I’ll use them a lot in the future. 

Making this quilt was a lot of fun, and made me realize that I’d really like to take a quilting class sometime in the next year.  I’ve heard of a store over by the Rave that has classes, maybe I’ll look them up.  I’ve also been thinking about making some cute things to sell.  But for now I have so many new babies to make cute things for, so esty will have to wait.  But maybe someday?

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